Split Rock, Wyoming

We’re nearing the end of the first week on the road to the West Coast! We’ve already seen so many beautiful places, met great people and are having a great time. We’re moving through places at lightening speed, so it’s been a little hard to update the blog in the order that we’re experiencing them. Rest assured, I’ll be posting about all the places we’re visiting as soon as I can!

On my way to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, I took a quick detour to Split Rock. It’s a gorgeous outcropping of rocks. It’s easy to miss it unless you’re paying attention to signs on Highway 287.

The area has an amazing view all around, which I learned is not really a hard thing to achieve in Wyoming. It is truly the land of the open sky and road. Split Rock is full of history. As an 80’s kid that grew up playing the Oregon Trail, this was particularly exciting stop because the trail actually went right through this area. In fact, Split Rock was a famous landmark for travelers. It was a place to rest, feed the animals and replenish for the next leg of the trip. The Pony Express also used this route.

Today, it seems to be a popular spot for people to have a picnic. We saw several cars, mostly all from out of Wyoming, make a stop here. We ate lunch and explored the rock outcroppings for about an hour. Although the sun was out in full force and it was extremely bright (make sure to bring your sunglasses, sunblock and hat!), there was a nice strong breeze.

Whether you’re a history buff, just appreciated the Oregon Trail game or need a break on the long drive to Yellowstone, this is a good stop!

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