Welcome to Hiking Misadventures!

I love adventures that take me away from the hum drum of my regular life! Mine are usually filled with funny stories of common sense mistakes and miscalculations and involve the open roads, getting dirty, sleeping in tents and sweating and panting my way to the top of mountain peaks.

I am not the typical hard-charging outdoors woman. I am not a natural athlete. In fact, I am usually the slowest person, sweating and panting my way through trails and dirt roads. And I discovered my love of outdoor adventures by accident. It started with an unexpected hike that went awry – began my hike at the wrong trail head, lost the trail during an epic and blinding rainstorm, found my way on to the Appalachian Trail where I talked to a few thru hikers and found my car again five hours later in the dark.  I found the entire misadventure thrilling and a few years later I completed a solo trek of the Appalachian Trail. While it wasn’t quite the proportion of Cheryl Strayed’s (author of Wild) misadventure, my trip was filled with a fair amount of rookie mistakes and misadventures. I embraced my inexperience, approached the trip as a learning opportunity, and was able to find the humor in all my foibles. In the end, those were things that helped me see the trip as fun and exciting and helped me stay motivated to keep moving towards Maine.

The fear of not doing it right, particularly because I have never been a natural athlete, kept me from discovering the joys and thrills of an adventurous life. However, the most important lesson that I have learned through my experiences is that there is no one way to have adventures or enjoy the outdoors. There are many possibilities for fun, excitement and personal fulfillment and it is only a matter of finding the right experience.

While I hope the stories I share will entertain you, I also hope to provide some comfort and encouragement for others, particularly women, to discover their own sense of adventure and take a walk on a trail or embark on an unexpected trip.