Let’s face it, doing something unfamiliar, especially if you don’t feel represented by the status quo image is intimidating! My biggest obstacle to outdoor activities was my fear of not doing things the right way. With every step I took on the trail and every mistake I made along the way, I learned about what works for me when I’m hiking, backpacking, or trying something new. You will eventually come to develop your preferences too! Until you are there, I hope you find here the inspiration, confidence, and resources you need to get started on a new adventure. 

  • Tips & How-To-Guides. These guides provide the basic information you need to get started like how to plan a backpacking trip or what to bring on a first hike. They are not comprehensive but I try to answer the questions I had or often hear from people who are ready to jump into the outdoors. 
  • Gear Reviews. While specialized adventure sports like skiing require special equipment, most outdoor activities like hiking don’t require investment in a lot of expensive gear! More importantly, gear preference is just that – individual preferences! But I know how apprehensive I was when I was venturing out for the first time and the gear buying experience was anything but friendly and I didn’t even know what questions to ask. In this section, I share my gear, why I made the decision to invest in it (I only review gear that I purchase), and what considerations you might find useful in making the best decision for yourself. 

If you still have questions or would like to see me share a resource that’s not here already, feel free to reach out! 

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