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Arches National Park

Arches National Park, home of the iconic Delicate Arch, is a must visit in Utah.

Glacier National Park

When I was planning my road trip, the National Park that I was most excited to visit was Glacier National Park. Between the wildlife encounters, the remote location and the opportunity to see glaciers before they disappeared, Glacier was the most unique and special… Continue Reading “Glacier National Park”

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is a small park nestled in between some of bigger attractions like Zion, which is less than a 45-minute drive away. One of the most vivid things about my drive to Bryce (from Zion) was the changing landscape from lush… Continue Reading “Bryce Canyon National Park”

Zion National Park

Zion is a breathtakingly beautiful National Park with unparalleled and adventurous hikes! It should definitely be on the must visit list! Check out the details of my hiking and camping experience at Zion in my newest blog post.

Yellowstone National Park

Winter came early to Yellowstone (in August!). Ice and heavy snow at higher elevations and trail closures combined forced us to drive around the majestic Park and explore a lot of different sites. Check out this guide to visiting Yellowstone National Park!

West Coast Road Trip – Camp Reservations

During our road trip this summer, we’re visiting and camping at some of the most popular National Parks in the country. While it’s an amazing experience, camping in National Parks, particularly established campgrounds in popular ones, require advance planning. Given the ground we’re covering… Continue Reading “West Coast Road Trip – Camp Reservations”

West Coast Road Trip – Hiking Permits

National Parks are a popular summer destination, so planning a trip to one much less several requires meticulous and early planning. Ricardo and I started planning our trip in mid-February, which is a little later than advised. It gave us enough time to apply… Continue Reading “West Coast Road Trip – Hiking Permits”

West Coast Road Trip Plan

Ricardo and I are heading out on five-week long trip to the West Coast this summer. We’ll leave DC in late August and travel throughout September. Along the way, we’ll be stopping at several national parks to hike some iconic places. This is the first in a series of posts that I’ll do before we head out on the road. This series will focus on what I’m doing to get ready for the trip, things I’ve learned about planning such a huge trip and of course, gear that I’m taking with me. 

San Diego Highlights – April 2018

I went to San Diego last weekend for a bachelorette party. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do any hiking in or near San Diego, although there are many beautiful hiking trails many of which are close to the beach, but I did have plenty… Continue Reading “San Diego Highlights – April 2018”

Tail of the Dragon – NC & TN

This past labor day weekend, we took a trip to the Trail of the Dragon. I was trying out a a car tire on the back of the motorcycle and it was Nalini’s first trip to the Dragon. While the adventure turned out a… Continue Reading “Tail of the Dragon – NC & TN”