Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park neighbors Zion but offers a dramatically different experience. It was an experience to walk (and ride a horse for the first time!) among the famous hoodoos, magical-looking sand structures that cover Bryce. Unfortunately, I didn’t get experience the other hiking adventures Bryce offers because a wildfire closed most of the park.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park’s slot canyons, sandstone formations, and rock walls make a spectacular background for a range of adventures. Rocking climbing and canyoneering are popular and well worth experiencing. Zion is also a hiker's paradise with Narrows, a hike in the Virgin River, and the steep and dizzying climb to Angel’s Landing among the most famous.

Yellowstone National Park

Winter came early to Yellowstone (in August!), so I scrapped my hiking plans and opted to drive the much of the loop of Yellowstone National Park. Known for its thermal features, grizzly covered backcountry, stunning waterfalls, and large lakes, it is hard to capture the adventure possibilities of Yellowstone in one blog post.

Camp Muir

I’m usually a slow hiker but rarely do I doubt my ability to actually make it to my destination. The hike to Camp Muir challenged my physical and mental stamina, but each time I was ready to turn around I found a little more to push on.

Hermitage Point

Even a thick layer of haze from wildfires couldn’t fully contain the majestic presence of the Teton range! I only had one day in Grand Teton National Park, so I packed all the beauty (lakes, mountain views, and wildlife) into one hike - Hermitage Point.

Mount Ida

Making Rocky Mountain National Park the first stop on a road trip is epic. Adding a hike above 12,000 feet to the summit of Mount Ida on gusty day was definitely pushing past boundaries. But what better way is there to start an adventure?

Split Rock, Wyoming

On my way to Yellowstone, I made an unplanned stop at Split Rock in Wyoming. The rock outcroppings are feet from the parking lot and offer panoramic views of mountains for miles. The area is also full of history - a major stop for travelers on the Oregon Trail and riders of the Pony Express.

REI Flash 22 Day Pack

The REI Flash 22 is a perfect day pack for a short or long hike. The ultra light design of ensures comfort but doesn't sacrifice any essential features. The pack also can double as a great travel pack, especially for light travelers. The small frame gives the pack the added bonus of fitting under an airplane... Continue Reading →

McAfee Knob, Virginia

The famous overhang of McAfee Knob is the most photographed spot on the Appalachian Trail. The short length of the trail, just under 4 miles, also makes it an extremely popular day hike! It’s also easy to make this a picturesque backpacking trip by starting at Dragon’s Tooth and ending at Tinker Cliffs.

Tibbet Knob

Though a gentle and short hike at just under 3 miles, Tibet Knob in the George Washington National Forest offers spectacular views. While probably not worth the long drive from D.C. by itself, the hike would make a good combination with Big Schloss or a camping trip to Wolf Gap.

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