West Coast Road Trip Plan

Ricardo and I are heading out on five-week long trip to the West Coast this summer. We'll leave DC in late August and travel throughout September. Along the way, we'll be stopping at several national parks to hike some iconic places. This is the first in a series of posts that I'll do before we head out on the road. This series will focus on what I'm doing to get ready for the trip, things I've learned about planning such a huge trip and of course, gear that I'm taking with me. 

McAfee Knob, Virginia

The famous overhang of McAfee Knob is the most photographed spot on the Appalachian Trail. The short length of the trail, just under 4 miles, also makes it an extremely popular day hike! It’s also easy to make this a picturesque backpacking trip by starting at Dragon’s Tooth and ending at Tinker Cliffs.

Brooks Cascadia 12 Trail Running Shoe

  The women’s Brooks Cascadia 12 is a trail running shoe that provides the comfort of a sneaker but the durability of a hiking boot. I recently made the switch from my Salomon trail runners to the Cascadia. Given the mega popularity of the brand and more specifically the shoe among hikers, I’m surprised it... Continue Reading →

Salomon Lightning Softshell Jacket

The Women’s Salomon Lightening Softshell Jacket is a lightweight, flattering and comfortable softshell. I’ve owned this jacket for nine months and hiked with it a few times this year, including a recent one that involved some heavy rock scrambling in Shenandoah National Park. I also wore the jacket during an indoor climb. In each of... Continue Reading →

Tail of the Dragon

An emergency stop because of a cold steady rain. My tent with most of my belongings was stolen while I went to explore the Smokies. Got a speeding ticket. To say my trip to Tail of the Dragon at the border of North Carolina and Tennessee was full of misadventures is an understatement.

Yosemite National Park

After a record snowfall in the winter, it was an epic spring thaw at Yosemite National Park - falls were raging, many trails were flooded and the eastern side of the park was packed in with snow and not accessible. Nevertheless, it was a fun girls adventure to celebrate the 40th birthday of a good friend!

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