What You’ll Find Here

Trip Planning Guides. Want to visit a national park? Looking for day hikes to enjoy on your next vacation? Need to know the best places to camp on a road trip? Want to know how to secure a permit for a backpacking trip? User generated trip guides are what I rely on to plan my adventures! Often, I have to curate the information I need from multiple sources. I hope to make the trip guides available on Hiking Misadventures, which are all based on my travel and hiking experience, the one stop guide to planning your adventure!

Hike Reviews. How do you get to a trail head? Is the hike kid- and/or dog-friendly? What is it really like to hike the trail? My hike reviews provide the basic information – difficulty, length, elevation gain, type of trail, amount of traffic and pet friendliness (for local hikes), and best months to use (for national park hikes). Because some information (e.g., difficulty of a trail) can be highly subjective, I provide a detailed summary of my experience, things to keep in mind before you head out to the trail (e.g., is there an entrance fee? is there heavy pet traffic?, etc.), gear that might be helpful to have on the hike, and information about the trail head (e.g., parking). I develop the reviews with the intent of giving you all the information you need to make the best decision on selecting a hike for yourself!

Gear Reviews. Outdoor adventure is expensive and when I was new to hiking, I had a lot of questions on how best to choose the gear that worked best for me. While a lot of gear preferences are just that preferences, I provide review of gear that I purchase and use to serve as a guide for your decision-making.

Outdoor Resources. What do you need to know before heading out on your first hike? How do you plan a multi-day backpacking trip? What are the ten essential items? In the outdoor resources section, I provide how-to guides, tips, and other resources for planning and enjoying outdoor adventures.

Stories. There’s no one way to experience the outdoors and making mistakes and doing it differently next time is part of my journey. By sharing these stories, I hope to normalize and inspire everyone, especially those of us not represented in the typical outdoor narrative to get outside and diversify the outdoors.

Land Acknowledgement. This is an evolving section of Hiking Misadventures, but important to recreating responsibly in public lands and changing the outdoor narrative. Native and indigenous people were the original stewards of all the lands in the United States and I am learning and evolving on how best to acknowledge this stewardship and support the indigenous communities that inhabit these lands.

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