What You Will See Here

Stories. There’s no one way to experience the outdoors and making mistakes and doing it differently next time is part of my journey. By sharing these stories, I hope to normalize and inspire everyone, especially those of us not represented in the typical outdoor narrative to get outside and diversify the outdoors.

Land Acknowledgement. Native and indigenous people were the original stewards of all the lands in the United States and I believe acknowledging their stewardship is an important part of recreating responsibly in public lands and changing the outdoor narrative.

Political Opinions. Everything from access to green spaces and public lands to who we think belongs in the outdoors is shaped by power, politics and privilege. While most of us turn to nature as a way to turn the world off, people from marginalized communities don’t have the privilege to experience their time outside without the systems of supremacy that impact their lives off the trail. Therefore, diversifying the outdoors and changing the outdoor narrative IS political work.

Poetry & Literature. My love for the outdoors is only second to my love for words. Often, writers I admire have expressed my feelings better than I ever can, so I share my experiences and emotions through their eloquence.

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