I love sharing about my adventures (and misadventures, of course)! The generosity of others willing to share their stories helped me grow as an outdoor enthusiast and I hope this space does the same for you.

In this area you’ll find information about the places I’ve adventured in, my experiences there, and how you can plan your visit.

  • Trip Planning Guides. Planning an outdoor-focused trip, especially if you’re new to it, can feel overwhelming. Every adventure is unique to the person experiencing it – and that’s where the magic is – so no guide can be truly comprehensive. Having said that, I pulled together the most relevant information I always need to confidently plan a outdoor trip (e.g., best hikes, permit requirements and camping reservations).
  • Hike Reviews. Making the best decisions on what hike is best for your confidence, experience, and fitness levels can be hard just by perusing the basic hike information (length, elevation gain, etc.). In these reviews, I share my experience on specific trails so that you have the context to understand the logistical information, which is there too!

I hope you find the information you need to confidently plan your next adventure. I hope this page also empowers you to venture outside your comfort zone and try something new. Happy adventuring, friends!

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