West Coast Road Trip

I spent five weeks on road tripping and adventuring on the west coast. Some highlights of the trip: hiking in snow (Mt. Rainier), sand (Great Sand Dunes), and water (Zion), getting dizzy on a rock face (Yosemite), nearly fainting from heat (Death Valley), and almost encountering a grizzly (Glacier). And the great wildfires of 2018…

Point of Rocks

Most of my adventures happen on two feet but occasionally two wheels are involved! I took a scooter ride through the winding roads of Montgomery County to Point of Red Rocks in southern Frederick County. The iconic graffiti covered spot is famous and popular among hikers, climbers, motorcyclists, and ice cream lovers! So a perfect spot to head to on a hot day.

San Diego

San Diego has great hikes including the famous Potato Chip Hike. Unfortunately, the closest I got to a hike on this trip was a beautiful walk along Sunset Cliffs. What I didn’t do in hiking I made up for in other adventures on this bachelorette trip - hot air balloon ride at sunset, whale watching cruise that also included baby seals, and a broken toe!

Tail of the Dragon

An emergency stop because of a cold steady rain. My tent with most of my belongings was stolen while I went to explore the Smokies. Got a speeding ticket. To say my trip to Tail of the Dragon at the border of North Carolina and Tennessee was full of misadventures is an understatement.

Yosemite National Park

After a record snowfall in the winter, it was an epic spring thaw at Yosemite National Park - falls were raging, many trails were flooded and the eastern side of the park was packed in with snow and not accessible. Nevertheless, it was a fun girls adventure to celebrate the 40th birthday of a good friend!

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